Fruits & Vegetables
Red Onion

Red Onion sourced from Nashik.

Size varies from 25-35mm, 35-50mm, 40-60mm, 50-70mm, 60-80mm, 50mm+, 55mm+

Packaging: 5kg/10kg/15kg/18kg/20kg/25kg in Mesh Bag/Jute Bag/as per your requirement

Green Chili

G4 Green Chili

Variant: Gauri, Eagle, Pride, Bhagya lakshmi

Packaging: 3.5kg Net, 4.5 kg Gross in CFB box/as per your requirement

Vegetable Drumstick

Vegetable Drumstick A Grade.

Packaging Type: CFB box, Thermocol box, PP Crate, Net Bag

Packaging: 5kg/10kg/15kg/20kg/as per your requirement


Turmeric Powder and Raw Turmeric Fingers

Curcumin enriched

Packaging: 5kg/10kg/15kg/25kg/50kg in PP/HDPE bag/as per your requirement

Dehydrated Onion

Dehydrated White & Red onion.

Dehyadrated Onion  - Powder/Flakes/Minced

Packaging: 5kg/10kg/18kg/20kg/in PP/HDPE bag/as per your requirement

Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour  - Maida, Atta, Rawa, Bran

Prepared from High quality of Wheat

Packaging: 50kg in PP bag/as per your requirement

Yellow Maize

Yellow Maize Corn

For Animal Feed

Packaging: 50kg  PP Bag/as per your requirement


Cavendish G9 banana

Sourced from Trusted & Reliable farms 

Packaging: 13kg/in CFB box/as per your requirement

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