Frozen/IQF Product

Wide range of processed mango products which includes mango Pulp, Puree Concentrate and Mango Juice Concentrate. We have three primary mango varieties – Totapuri, Kesar and Alphonso.

Product & Packaging: 

Totapuri/Kesar/Alphonso Mango Pulp: 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Totapuri Mango Puree Concentrate: 228 Kg aseptic bags in Drums

Clarified Mango Juice Concentrate: 228 Kg aseptic bags in Drums


Banana Puree

Banana puree is obtained from selected Cavendish variety of tree-ripened bananas

Packaging: 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums


Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple juice concentrate offered by us is naturally sweetened and is rich in taste and aroma.

Packaging Type: 275 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums


Pineapple pulp and pineapple juice concentrate produced from farm fresh pineapples

Product & Packaging:

Pineapple Pulp: 265 kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Pineapple Juice Concentrate: 265 kg Aseptic bags in Drums


Aseptically packed Orange Juice Concentrate is processed by squeezing the juice from fresh oranges and then removing a large percentage of the water so that the taste and nutrition remain intact.

Product & Packaging: 

Orange Juice Concentrate: 250 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums


Guava the most nutritious tropical fruit is processed to form guava pulp, guava juice

concentrate and guava puree concentrate.

Product & Packaging:

Clarified Guava Juice: 270 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums

White/Pink Guava Pulp: 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Guava Puree Concentrate: 225 Kg aseptic bags in Drums


Sweet-tart in flavor, Kiwi puree and concentrate possesses both the fruit’s appealing visual characteristics and aroma with richness of vitamins.

Product &Packaging:

Kiwi Juice Concentrate: 260 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Kiwi Puree: 200Kgs Aseptic bags in Drums


Strawberry pulp and strawberry juice concentrate are made from best quality

strawberry fruits and has natural flavor of strawberry.

Product & Packaging:

Strawberry Juice Concentrate: 265 kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Strawberry Pulp: 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums


Papaya products like pulp and puree concentrate are rich in flavor, nutrients and aroma and can be utilized in various bakery products.

Product &Packaging:

Red / Yellow Papaya Pulp: 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Papaya Puree Concentrate: 243 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums


Cherry pulp & cherry juice concentrate offered by us is produced from best quality

cherries are used in making confectionary and other bakery products.

Product & Packaging:

Cherry Juice Concentrate: 265 kg Aseptic bags in Drums

Cherry Pulp: 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums

IQF Mango

IQF mango slices and dices made from finest quality Alphonso and Totapuri mango varieties. IQF mango products we process are packed under most hygienic conditions to retain original taste, texture and flavour of mango.

Size: 10mm x 10mm or 20mm x 20mm or Slices

Packaging: 2.5 kg x 4, poly-bag in carton boxes or 10 Kg LDPE Bags in 5 ply Carton box or as per your requirement.

IQF Strawberry

Rich in flavour, nutrients and aroma

Size: 24 – 36 mm


Packaging: 400gm x 20, 2.5kg x 4 in carton boxes or 10 kg bulk pack in blue color LDPE Bag in Corrugated Boxes or as per your requirement.


We offer IQF papaya dices in red and yellow varieties as per customer requirement.

Size 10 x 10 x 10mm, not iced or slimy, without hoarfrost and solid clumps, Semi ripened and healthy fruits, ready for consumption. Metal detected. Free from contaminations and foreign bodies.

Packaging: 10 kg Corrugated Box with Blue PE in-liner or

As per customer’s requirements in food grade packing material.


Ripe guavas are first sorted, washed and then sliced or diced depending upon the requirement. After manually removing grits and seeds, the diced /sliced pieces of guava are sent for quick freezing. The entire process is undertaken in most sterile conditions to preserve the quality and natural taste of IQF pink guava dices.

Size: 10mm x 10mm or 20mm x 20mm

Packaging: 10kg LDPE bags in 5 ply-carton boxes or as per your requirement.


Processed under most hygienic conditions. We offer a wide assortment of mixed vegetables. This includes cauliflower, sweet corn, brinjal, green peas, baby corn, bittergourd, yam and beans.

Size: 10mm x 10mm or 20mm x 20mm

Packaging: 400gm X 20, 2.5kg x 4


The demand for frozen green peas has been increasing in the international market.

Size: 20 – 40 mm

Shelf Life: 18 Months From DOM (Stored At – (Minus) 18 Degree)

Packaging: 400gm X 20, 2.5kg x 4 poly-bag in carton boxes or as per your requirement.

IQF Sweet Corn

IQF sweet corn is manufactured from mature whole sweet corn kernels which have been removed from the cob, steam blanched then individually quick frozen.

Size: Free flowing Kernels of size 11 X 7 mm

Packaging: Carton 400gms, 2.5kg, 1kg, 10 kg

IQF Corn on cob

Shelf Life: 24 Months (Stored At – (Minus) 18 Degree

Packaging: Carton 400gms, 2.5kg, 1kg, 10 kg or as per your requirement.


Each frozen broccoli floret offers farm-fresh flavour and texture.

Shelf Life: 18 Months From Dom (Stored At – (Minus) 18 Degree)

Size: 40 – 60 mm

Packaging: 2.5 kg x 4, poly-bag in carton boxes or 10 kg poly bag in carton boxes or asper your requirement as per your requirement.


The IQF form of okra is as good as fresh and used in culinary recipes for convenience

and ease of cooking.

Shelf Life: 24 Months (Stored At – (Minus) 18 Degree

Size: 4 cm to 7 cm

Packaging: 400gm x 20 or 10 kg poly bag in carton boxes or as per your requirement.

IQF Cauliflower

Only fresh cauliflowers that have the right color and quality are selected for IQF processing. They are properly trimmed, washed, blanched, cooled and individually quick frozen to obtain the final product. The extraordinary quality control and handling procedures are maintained to deliver superior frozen cauliflowers.

Size: Dia. 40-60 MM

Packaging: 2.5 kg x 4, poly-bag in carton boxes or as per your requirement.


Made from only selected quality potatoes, The IQF potato wedges are meticulously

prepared to bring out the discerning crispy taste of potatoes. A popular snack, frozen

potato wedges offer the convenience of ready-to-cook food within no time.

Packaging: 41kg x 10, 2.5kg x 4 or as per your requirement.


Carrot is a delicious root vegetable that comes mostly in orange color, though it also exits in other colors like white, yellow and purple. There is no need for washing, peeling or dicing with IQF carrot dices. Free from any preservatives and other additives.

Packaging: 1kg x 10, 2.5kg x 4 or as per your requirement.

IQF Onions Sliced or Diced

IQF frozen Sliced or Diced onions, all the work has been done for you packed in 1.5kg

sliced or 2.0kg diced there is no need to thaw product just cook from frozen, onions

have been blanched so they cook quickly with very little shrinkage.

Application: cook from frozen

Packaging: 6 x 1.5kg, 6 x 2.0kg or as per your requirement.


Mix Veg Spring RollMade up of blend of vegetables, green and red chili sauce.

Schezwan Spring Roll: Made up of Schezwan sauce.

Noodle Spring Roll: Filled with noodles and green, red chili sauce.

Manchurian Spring Roll: Made up of green, red chili sauce and soya sauce.


Mix Veg Cocktail Samosa: A mildly-spiced veggie filling enclosed in a crunchy batter, these cocktail samosas make for a favourite all time snack.

Punjabi Samosa: Potato-green peas vegetable stuffing with a crispy, flaky batter, this traditional snack item from Punjab is a favourite tea-time accompaniment


Classic Thapi (Batata Vada)

Batata vada is a popular vegetarian street food item that was invented in the Indian state of Maharashtra. A frozen potato patty ready to be dipped in chickpea batter called besan, then deep-fried.

The dish is typically served with a chutney consisting of shredded coconut, tamarind, and garlic. Batata vada is also a part of a popular Indian sandwich called vada pav, consisting of batata vada and chutney, served on soft buns.


Corn Tikki is a delicious patty made from mashed potatoes mixed with spices, sweet corn and chilies . Once you bite you would taste the crispy exterior with softness coming from potatoes, sweetness coming from sweet corn and a spice hit by chilies The combination of corn, chilies is just out of the world.


Chapati Whether you call this everyday staple Indian bread, Roti or Phulka or Chapati, one thing remains unchanged: it is a humble, comforting and satisfying food that is made in nearly every part of India.

Roti is an unleavened flatbread made with just a handful of ingredients - finely milled whole wheat flour, water and optionally ghee or oil and salt. It goes perfectly with just about every Indian meal.


Puran poli is a sweet flatbread that is traditionally made during a Hindu festival Originating from the state of Maharashtra, the flatbread consists of flour, turmeric powder, salt, water and ghee (Indian clarified butter), and the sweet filling consists of yellow gram lentils, jaggery (cane sugar) and cardamom powder. 

The name of the dish refers to the stuffing called puran, while the outer layer (flatbread) is called poli. Puran poli can be made three to four days in advance and is usually eaten hot, for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert after the main meal.


Laccha paratha is a traditional flatbread originating from the northern parts of India. The name of this paratha variety means multi-layered paratha, referring to its flaky and layered texture that goes well with rich and creamy curries and dal dishes.

These layers are made by creating pleats from the dough, and it’s then folded like a pinwheel. The flatbread is made with a simple combination of flour, water, salt, and oil or ghee. After it’s been cooked, laccha paratha should be flaky and crispy on the exterior and soft inside.


Tamarind Chutney is also known as Imli chutney (Imli is the Hindi word for tamarind). Tamarind chutney is a spiced, sweet and tangy sauce served with Indian chaat snacks or fried snacks like samosa, kachori or pakoda.

This is a family recipe of Tamarind chutney which is so good and finger-licking tasty. We also call this chutney as as saunth chutney or sonth chutney as this chutney is spiced with ground ginger powder

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